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February 17, 2017 by Jeo

“I don’t wanna be heard, I want to be listened to”

– forest, twenty one pilots

Hear and listen. They sound similar yet different. Everyone who hears can hear, yet only a few listen. Everyone hears what you are saying only to prepare what they are going to answer. Is it hard to listen to what others are saying so that you can understand?

They are different in a way that hearing is normal yet listening is something that people only do at few occasions. Hearing is an external action but listening is the internal action that requires deep thoughts and critical thinking.

When you hear a specific music, you enjoy it; but when you listen to it, you understand the lyrics. Listening is the bridge to social connection to someone, the bride towards social understanding.

I’m saying this because I want you to listen to other people before it’s too late.



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